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Tour Program: Liberace-Photo Archive And SIGNED Show Program-1953-1979

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11 May 2019
04 Apr 2019
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United States
Tour Program
Classical, Opera & Ballet
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Hey now!!! If you love Lee, then this swingin’ set of hot pix is suuuure to please. Includes a hand-signed program from one of his legendary shows, a great publicity 8x10 that I’m 99% sure was signed by auto-pen, 2, count em’ 2 original photos that appeared in newspapers, and an agents head-shot 8x10 of Mr. Entertainment himself!!!!

5 Dynamite items in fair to good condition (wrinkles, creases, etc) at a price so low you’ll bless generations of my family!!! So boogie-woogie and act now to avoid that sad feeling of missing out on the goods....Viva Liberace!!!!