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CD: Anthony Braxton Quintet (Tristano) 2014 7 CD New Braxton House sealed

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50.01 USD
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23 May 2019
16 May 2019
14 bids
United States
Brand New
Anthony Braxton
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This auction is for the sealed New Braxton House 7 CD set Anthony Braxton Quintet (Tristano) 2014 . I can combine shipping with my other active auctions for a reduced shipping rate.

Have been selling (part time) on eBay for almost 20 years while working in record stores for over 20 years. In general, as past buyers can attest, I do not post items on here for sales but to pass them on to the next home and use the funds to explore my next interest. I attempt too list any & every detail a buyer may have a concern with since those are things I am looking for one I purchased the items. One of the most important things to me is that both parties are reasonably happy, so feel free to reach out to me beforehand, during, and after you have received your items with any concerns you may have.