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78 rpm: Rare 78 rpm - GS 2322/846 Chinese National Anthem/Soldier's March - Golden Star

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3,330.00 USD
19.99 USD
30 Dec 2017
23 Dec 2017
33 bids
United States
78 rpm
World Music
Far East & Asia
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Quite rare. I have only seen these Golden Star records with plain red labels, never with this gold label or with the star. The Chinese National Anthem is on one side, and the Soldier's March is on the other. GS 2322/846.
Record Grade: E-

Record is still glossy, with superficial surface marks. Music is nice and loud above the surface noise. Small sticker on one label, but I will leave it to the buyer to remove it if so desired.

Record will be carefully packed between two pieces of cardboard and surrounded by plenty of packing peanuts to avoid breakage. Shipping within the U.S. is $5.00. Overseas shipping is $24.00, unless the item sells for more than $400, in which case I will contact you to see which shipping method you prefer.

Payment expected within 5 days. Thank you!