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Vinyl: Sun Ra Interstellar Low Ways El Saturn Black / Silver Label 1967 Original VG+

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1,924.99 USD
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21 Feb 2021
11 Feb 2021
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United States
Sun Ra
El Saturn
United States
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This is El Saturn Records LP-203, Sun Ra Interstellar Low Way, a black and silver label, original mono issue of this great record matrix SR 9956-2-M/N BP. The record is in VG++ condition showing light signs of wear and playing quietly with occasional low level background noise due to the inferior pressing. The cover has a small bit of clear tape on the top left corner but is otherwise excellent and intact. The labels are excellent with light spindle marks. The record was played on a Linn Sondek LP12 in mono & stereo mode (there was no difference) and cleaned on a VPI 17. This is an excellent collector's grade copy of this extremely rare original recording. Please check our other listings as we discount shipping for multiple wins. Thanks for looking.