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Vinyl: FRANK SINATRA At The Sands - Original 1966 First Press 2-LP GF on Reprise

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34.99 USD
34.99 USD
14 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020
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United States
Frank Sinatra
United States
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FRANK SINATRA At The Sands - Original 1966 First Press 2-LP GF on Reprise

~Frank Sinatra~

Sinatra's double live LP recorded at the Sands in Las Vegas with the Count Basie Orchestra playing arrangements by Quincy Jones. One of Sinatra's best and most beloved records ever... and truly a magnificent recording, especially on the original stereo pressing, which this is.
Vinyl LP
Excellent Condition

I no longer have a record player and can't guarantee sound quality. Last played, it played like an LP should.
Shipped via USPS Media Mail

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