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Vinyl: METALLICA Reload Rare White Vinyl 4LP Limited to 100 Copies

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1,250.00 USD
1,250.00 USD
29 Jun 2020
28 Jun 2020
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United States
United States
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This listing is for a reissue by Warner Bros. Records release of the Reload album by Metallica, released in 2010 Catalog #523511-1. This is an extremely rare and hard to find US Reissue of this classic album pressed on four 12” White Vinyl LP’s and housed in a box set bound by a hype belly band. The box is in VG+ condition, sleeves are in NM condition and the vinyl records are in NM condition. This box set is extremely rare and limited to only 100 copies produced worldwide which were never sold to the public. I also have a Rare original Elektra release of this album for sale! Please check out my other auctions to find rarer Reload releases. In all, I will have over 90 Metallica vinyl releases up for sale so check them all out for some great additions to your Metallica collection.

Through the years of building my record collection, I knew that one day I would need to begin selling off the many rarities to fund other parts of my life. In my collection days, I focused on some of the rarest titles I could find and of course in the best condition I could find as well. I am a HUGE Metallica fan but also just metal music in general, so all my collection will fall in the metal/rock genre.

With Metallica being my biggest focus in collecting, I have amassed a pretty big collection including some rare promotional albums along with just about all their albums as original releases. In total my Metallica collection consists of 98 records and box sets which will be listed on auctions in the upcoming days.

Another big focus of mine was for the band Kiss which my sister turned me on to back when I was just a wee lad and I have also amassed a pretty good collection of including 19 rare and many original and 100% complete albums.

Another focus which will be available for purchase from me is the British metal band Iron Maiden, another huge favorite of mine of which again I focused on many rare albums including 8 EMI picture discs, many of which are still manufacturer sealed and I have both of their complete albums collection box sets.

I also focused a little on the band DIO, mostly with his reissues but I do have one original release of Holy diver as well. All in all, my DIO auctions will consist of 9 Rare Albums including some on colored vinyl re-release.

Another focus of mine was some very high-end metal box sets from some of the metal masters like Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Megadeth and Guns N Roses. These are rare and highly collectible box sets and include Black Sabbath Ten Year War, Ozzy Osborne See you on the other side, Slayer Vinyl Conflict, Megadeth hand signed Death by Design Box Set and Guns N Roses Locked and Loaded!

For these auctions, record grading will be done very conservatively to ensure that you, the buyer, gets a quality product as good or better than the grading listed in the auction. To achieve this, I have only found one grading scale that really does this and that is the one that Discogs uses. Here are how the records will be graded in my listings:

M: Vinyl: Perfect in every way. Never been played and possibly even still sealed. Sleeve: Perfect, no wear, marks or any other imperfections.

M- or NM: Vinyl A nearly perfect record with no obvious signs of wear. Sleeve: Near perfect with no obvious wear, it may have only the slightest of marks from handling.

VG+: Vinyl: Record will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it. Sleeve: May have slight wear, marks indentations or ring wear as well as a possible cut out hold for promotional items.

VG: Vinyl: Noticeable groove wear and light scratches. Surface noise will not overpower the music. Sleeve: will have more wear, marks, and indentations than a VG+. Also, may have slight fading, small rips or tears and potentially some writing.

G+ or G: Vinyl: Can play without skipping, will have significant scratches and surface noise and groove wear. Sleeve: Well worn, marked, more obvious indentations, fading, writing, than a VG and possibly a more significant tear or rip.

Shipping costs for my auctions will be based on weight and shipped in a cardboard record mailer. All auctions of less than $100 will ship out media mail with tracking. Auctions over $100 will ship out priority mail with tracking. Auctions over $300 will have added insurance and will require a signature upon receipt. I will combine shipping; however I will not mail over 3 single albums per mailer and if the total of those three albums exceeds $100 or $300 I will ship via the method stated above. All Box Sets will be packaged in boxes with extra protection such as bubble wrap/foam peanuts.

All International shipping will be done through the Ebay Global Shipping Program Only! If you do not see an option to ship to your location, it is because Ebay does not ship to you through their Global Shipping Program. Please do not message asking if I can mail the item outside of this program as I will not do this. The Ebay Global Shipping Program provides protection for me as a seller and for you as a buyer that no other shipping company will provide.