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Vinyl: Alan Freed's Christmas Jubilee Signed Autographed By Buddy Holly & Others

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1,700.00 USD
1,700.00 USD
24 May 2020
14 May 2020
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United States
Buddy Holly
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From my collection of 170,000 LP's, 45's, Sheet Music and Photos that I'm beginning on 31 March 2020 to auction off. Collection consists of a huge variety of music genres and rare items. Thousands of autographed items, sealed LP's colored vinyl and picture discs. Vinyl condition is graded by sight only. Payment via PayPal only. All items will be mailed USPS Media Mail, fully insured at buyer's expense, and well packed. PLEASE DO NOT PAY UNTIL I SEND AN INVOICE. Shipping costs to overseas/foreign countries will be by Priority Mail with a tracking number. The whitish discoloration seen on the vinyl photo IS NOT on the record itself - I think it's caused by the room lighting when I take the picture with my phone.

This is a priceless and rare piece of Rock 'n' Roll history. Signed by Buddy Holly inside the back cover. (Buddy wasn't actually on Freed's Program but it's a known fact that he was in New York at the time.) Booklet is also signed by both Everly Brothers (notice the lipstick imprint on top of Phil Everly's signature, priceless 1950's innocence) and Frankie Avalon (notice where the 15 year old girl who attended the show and purchased the booklet managed to find out what hotel Frankie was staying in and meet him to get his autograph - writes remarks about it and her age at the top of the page that Frankie's picture is on). Overall condition of the booklet is Very Good - The seam of the cover \is coming apart three quarters of an inch at the top and four inches at the bottom, foxing spots on the inside of the front and back covers.