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Reel-to-reel: ARETHA FRANKLIN - ARETHA NOW - Atlantic 3 3/4 IPS Reel To Reel Tape 02-8186F

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29.95 USD
29.95 USD
26 Mar 2020
25 Mar 2020
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United States
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United States
R&B & Soul
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ARETHA FRANKLIN - ARETHA NOW - Atlantic 3 3/4 IPS Reel To Reel Tape 02-8186F

Aretha Franklin Aretha Now – Atlantic 02-8186F

The box is clean and in VG + condition with some discoloration from age in some spots on the back, corners are strong with no splits or cracks. There is crease with an indentation in the box just above the title. Hinge is complete and intact, both inside and out. Thumb hole is crisp with out stress. The attached photos show the interior cardboard has some minor areas of discoloration. (See photos)

The label is complete without any tears or missing paper and firmly attached. There is some shelf wear on the edges of the front cover and back covers do show signs of wear as seen in the images, but the covers still display quite nicely. Especially being now 50 years old. The spine is undamaged, but has some age yellowing. (See photos)

The plastic reel is original and in Excellent condition with some light scratching from handling. The Gold foil label is glossy with sharp black logo and text. It is adhered to the reel with no edge lifts or missing paper. There is an area where some of the Gold foil is worn through to the silver underneath. (See photos)

The tape has been play tested, on my Sony TC-651 reel to reel player and sounds fine with good fidelity and no drop outs. The tape is clean with a glossy sheen and does not seem to be brittle or damaged. Overall the tape appears to be in excellent condition.

The attached high resolution images show the tape and box from multiple angles for a complete visual condition assessment.