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Vinyl: Alton Ellis ~ Dance Crasher / Willow Tree | Treasure Isle Jamaica Rocksteady 45

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18.99 GBP
12 Mar 2020
12 Mar 2020
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United Kingdom
Alton Ellis
Treasure Isle
Reggae, Ska & Dub
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Alton Ellis ~ Dance Crasher / Willow Tree | Treasure Isle Jamaica Rocksteady 45

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Listing Information


Alton Ellis


Dance Crasher / Willow Tree


Treasure Isle




7", Single

Visual Grade

Very Good Plus (VG+)


Plays with a lovely loud and strong sound, some very faint crackles and an occasional background pop which do not overpower, audio shines through great from start to finish. Visual Grade: VG+. Beautiful copy, a very well preserved example. Surfaces look to have seen sparing play, retaining a strong glossy sheen with a high standard of overall cleanliness, a low number of light unfeelable marks. Very slight storage warp DNAP. WOL. Search 'Treasure Isle 0052 Naturality' on Youtube.


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Near Mint (NM)

Surfaces appear unplayed. Used with hesitation, even for many brand new records.

Excellent (EX)

In typical indoor lighting an EX graded record will appear to be near mint until very closely inspected.
If there’s a mark you can easily point out in typical indoor lighting, it’s not EX.

Strong Very Good Plus (Strong VG+)

As per the qualities of EX and NM, a record which has seen only light play at most. Allowance for a low number of light marks. The typical Strong VG+ is some 2 or 3 light/inaudible lines from EX to NM.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

Allowance for some light marks but still retaining a generous sheen and respectable overall cleanliness.
Well cared for with occasional light use. Shouldn’t leave you longing for a cleaner copy.

Strong Very Good (Strong VG)

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Very Good (VG)

Surfaces still hold a healthy sheen with a lesser cleanliness than a VG+ graded record. Played but full of play yet.

Very Good Minus (VG-)

May display a lessened but still present sheen, light marks in a higher frequency or may fit the descriptions of the above grades with the presence of feelable marks (within reason).
The majority of VG- graded records will be enjoyed by myself on a sensitive Hi-Fi and will often be fit to DJ.

Good Plus (G+)

As per the above description with a higher tolerance for marks, lessened sheen but typically still reflective in appearance. Quite often plays above expectations and depending on the pressing may very well be fit to DJ.
G+ is a well-established grade which is still to be respected for playable copies of desirable records.

Good (G)

Lessened sheen, light marks throughout or the presence of larger pronounced feelable marks.

Fair (F)

Heavily used. Marked throughout or with a number of larger feelable marks, will usually play without skipping.

Poor (P)

Cracked or warped beyond repair, skips, sticks, hitches.

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