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Vinyl: Beatles - Please Please Me - Ultra-Rare 1963 1st Y&B Label *STEREO* Press EX

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15 Mar 2020
05 Mar 2020
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The Beatles
United Kingdom
British Invasion
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The stereo pressing of this album was released FIVE WEEKS after the mono and this rare label variation was available for just one or two weeks.

Both sides of the disc carries the very first version of the black & yellow Parlophone label: PCS 3042

The lower half of the label was effectively a direct transfer of information from the black & gold label which included the small '33 1/3' indicator in the 9 o'clock position and lacked the 'Recording First Published...' text.

The label was quickly redesigned without the small '33 1/3' print, as it was noticed that the newly designed yellow & black label already had a speed indicator incorporated into the new design above the yellow 'Parlophone' logo.

Due to these rapid changes it is, number-wise, rare than the more famous back & gold labelled version.

This truly EXCELLENT disc bearing these rare labels is one of the world's rarest & most sought after pressings of this album.

Matrices: YEX 94-1 & YEX 95-1

Stamper codes: 1/P & 1/G

Earliest possible side 2 stamper.

Vinyl weight: 159g

Housed in the earliest type front laminated 'Garrod & Lofthouse' printed cover with the large front stereo indicator.

As with all true early covers, the 'Angus McBean' credit is positioned in the extreme lower right corner, beginning beneath final letter 's' in 'songs'

Complete with original poly-lined'Use Emitex...' inner-sleeve.




Both are clean & bright with a moderate collection of light spindle trails around each centre hole and just a hint of wear to each centre hole. There are a small number of pin-prick sized black spots of the side 1 label, which may have been from manufacture, and a very faint mark on the side 2 label just to the left of the circular Parlophone symbol which appears much fainter in reality than on the image in the listing image above.


Both sides of this high-quality, heavy vinyl pressing are clean & glossy with no significant surface marks or wear visible in strong daylight. Closer examination directly beneath halogen light reveals a 1cm hairline scratch over the 1st track on side 2 which is just 'feelable'. However, apart from that there are just the usual minor wispy surface marks consistent with light play and inner-sleeve removal with no other major visual issues.


This disc has not been played very much and consequently the sound quality throughout is clean & clear with no trace of any groove/play wear on any track or in either channel. Our careful play-check found no audible issues whatsoever on side 1. Aside from a few intermittent soft background ticks on 'Love Me Do', caused by the aforementioned scratch, there is nothing to fault on this incredibly rare disc which would be hard to upgrade, if you could find another!


A fine example of a genuine early cover which also housed the first black & gold labelled pressings. The front panel is clean & bright very light storagewear rubbing and a couple of small wrinkles to the edges, but no 'thumbnail' wrinkles. There is minor shelfwear rubbing to the lower corners and a little bruising to the upper left corner too. The opening edges are clean and straight with a few small 'pushes' to the rear edge but again no tears or any other major signs of wear. The exposed rear panel is super clean & unblemished with no writing or missing paper anywhere. All of the delicate flipbacks are fully intact and in-place with no repaired or missing sections. There is a 2cm section of wear to the laminate on the lower edge but the seam has not split through. Both the upper seam and the fully worded spine are clean & unworn.

Inner-sleeve: EXCELLENT +

Clean & uncreased with no tears, writing or seams splits.

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