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Vinyl: Anthony Red Rose King Tubby Tempo Crank Angle Firehouse 1985 Dub Dancehall 45

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17 Jan 2020
01 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
Anthony Red Rose
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Anthony Red Rose King Tubby Tempo Crank Angle Firehouse 1985 Dub Dancehall 45
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Listing Information


Anthony Red Rose










Very Good Plus (VG+)


A-side plays loud, strong and cleanly with only faint crackles on occasion, sparing light background sounds caused by a few small pressing pits (not pops). Audio retains a lovely depth. B-side plays similarly with minor faint crackles. Visual Grade: VG+. Sheeny surfaces (though slighly hazy from press). A few light, unfeelable marks, a few pressing pits. Labels with light signs of handling, no writing, no heavy wear. See and hear on Youtube, search 1985 Firehouse 5840 Naturality




Rest assured, I grade conservatively with high standards in place. I operate with total transparency and give as much information as possible, with each and every record being cleaned on a record cleaning machine, fully playtested and carefully inspected under a powerful lamp. Gradings are given on a visual basis with the playback commented on in the descriptions of each item.

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Any issues present from pressing such as cloudiness, pimples or pits as often seen in Jamaican reggae pressings will be clearly identified. The same is to be said for feelable marks; regardless of how small or smooth/light a mark may be, should it be feelable upon careful inspection with a fingertip it will be identified in the description, even if there is no audible effect as a result. These will typically result in a lesser visual grade being given, with feelable marks being a heavily weighted factor in grading.

Near Mint is a grade which I do not use without total confidence that you will agree.

EX; Some 90% or so of the items which I will grade as EX will be items which I have purchased from others who have graded as Near Mint. An EX graded record should not display any deterioration in sheen, revealing only very minor brushings from dust or sleeve removal in a low number when closely inspected under a powerful lamp. Without close inspection an EX graded record should appear as though it was pressed this week.

Strong VG+; As per the above, what I consider as a ?Strong VG+? retains a very high standard of cleanliness and should look to have seen minimal play. Records graded ?Strong VG+? may display a very sparing number of faint marks. In many cases a ?Strong VG+? record may appear close to unplayed with a faint inaudible mark or two.

VG+; May have seen occasional use with adequate care. Surfaces should still retain a high standard of cleanliness with an allowance for some light, unfeelable marks. A VG+ graded record should not leave you longing for a cleaner copy (unless of course you are a very serious collector looking for unplayed/archive copies)

VG; The typical VG graded record should be fit for home listening and DJing alike. Surfaces may display a higher frequency of general whispy paper sleeve brushings and some light marks, but should still retain a healthy amount of sheen. By my standards a VG graded record is far from ?battered? or ?trashed?, there simply has to be a cut off for what is accepted as a VG+. As such, I would rather grade a record on the lower end of VG+ as a ?Strong VG? in order to keep these standards in place.

VG-; The typical VG- graded record will fit the above description, but may display a lower standard of cleanliness with some light marks throughout, a lessened sheen (though still holding a sheen or reflective appearance) or perhaps a few feelable marks. As always, playback will be commented on and reasoning for the grade will be given. Though there may be some surface-noise, crackles or such, the average VG- graded record will still be played and enjoyed by myself on a sensitive hifi as-is but will likely benefit from a DJ cartridge and some EQ.

G+; Records graded G+ may have seen frequent use over the years with adequate care, hold a lesser sheen with some light unfeelable marks throughout or may fit the above grades with some larger feelable marks or scuffs. Depending on the pressing and the specific instances of wear present, a G+ record may very well sound fantastic as-is or may require some EQing and a DJ cartridge to reach an enjoyable standard of playback.




I have never purchased an LP which has been packaged better the standard of packaging I use for every LP I send.
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At my own expense I have taken the steps to ensure that my packaging is friendly to the environment, with 100% of the packaging used being recyclable card (and yes, that does in fact include the tape).


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