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Reel-to-reel: Edizione D'ORO Gold Edition The 4 Seasons Reel To Reel Tape 4-Track Stereo

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03 Dec 2019
27 Sep 2019
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Edizione D'ORO Gold Edition The 4 Seasons Reel To Reel Tape 4-Track Stereo
We are selling a vintage Philips/Ampex 7" plastic reel to reel audio tape, 1/4" tape, 4 track, Stereo, 3-3/4" IPS. The audio tape has been played and tested good. The box/reel has wear from use/storage like fading labels, scratches, scuffs, ripped/crushed corners and dust. Item stand not included. Sold AS IS, please see high-res photos for more details.

Edizione D'ORO (gold edition) The 4 Seasons (Philips/Ampex, J-6501)

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