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CD: Cities 97 Sampler COMPLETE SET (Volumes 1-29), 29 CDs TTL in Collector Series

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475.00 USD
475.00 USD
08 Nov 2018
29 Oct 2018
1 bid
United States
Brand New
Various Artists
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  • Just in time to put your bid in on this COMPLETE Cities 97 CD Sampler Volumes 1-29! Truly a collector series! A perfect gift for yourself or the music lover in your life. OR if you already have the complete set but want a 'backup'.
  • GREAT tracks from so many excellent musicians!
  • If you put your bid in now, this is perfect timing as Volume 30 will be the FINAL CD, completing the entire set, with a launch date of November 13, 2018 (exclusively sold at Target).
  • The Condition of these CDs is EXCELLENT!
  • Volumes 1-15 have been played only one time and CDs are housed in the 15th Anniversary CD zip carrier.
  • Volumes 16-29 are brand new and each of the single packages have never been opened.
  • The list of music, by volume, and any additional information is available on Wikipedia.
  • Message me if you have any questions.
  • Please Note: My iPhone camera recently experienced some damage on the lens so there some weird foggy spots/dots that are showing up. These are NOT on the items themselves -- just my camera. :(
  • About The Cities 97 Sampler: The Cities 97.1 Sampler (also titled Cities Sampler and The Cities' Sampler) is a series of albums containing "live in studio" recordings from Studio C located at radio station Cities 97.1 (KTCZ-FM 97.1 FM) in Minneapolis, Minnesota (earlier brands "The Cities' 97", And "Cities 97"). Occasionally there is a live track which is recorded from a local concert in the Twin Cities. It has been released annually since 1989, and new volumes appear in November at local Target stores (in time for the Christmas season), with proceeds benefiting various charitable organizations. The CD usually generates over $500,000 every year for Minnesota charities. In the last several years, the recordings have sold quickly, disappearing within minutes in many stores.The 16th volume, released on November 11, 2004, had a print run of about 35,000 copies. In Forest Lake, Minnesota, the local Target store ran out of its shipment of discs in seven minutes.On October 1st, 2018 Cities 97.1 Announced That Their Upcoming Sampler Would Be Their Last Sampler.