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Cassette: The Skyhooks Box Set - Cassettes unopened - 1983

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13 Sep 2017
06 Sep 2017
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This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Skyhooks history.

The Skyhooks Box Set was released on Mushroom Records in 1983. It was released both as an LP set and a cassette set. This one is the cassette set – Catalogue No: L80851/9.

This particular boxed set has never been played, and is still in the original shrink wrap plastic unopened. The shrink wrap has a couple of small tears as indicated in the photos. I purchased it on eBay in 2002 from, of all places, America. It was amongst a heap of records & other music items being sold following the closure of a record store over there. It is showing some fading from being stored on their shelves and has some minor marks left by stickers that they must have removed (as shown in the photos). Bottom line is this boxed set is unopened, is 34 years old and has travelled the world – unlike me!

This collector's set contains 9 cassettes (all albums appear with original packaging & labels) and the cassettes are:

1 - Living In The 70's (this album was released in 1974).

2 - Ego Is Not A Dirty Word (this album was released in 1975).

3 - Straight In A Gay Gay World (this album was released in 1976).

4 - Guilty Until Proven Insane (this album was released in 1978).

5 - Live! Be In It – Record One (this album was released in 1978).

6 - Live! Be In It – Record Two (this album was released in 1978).

7 - Hot For The Orient (this album was released in 1980).

8 - Bonus Album #1 - (featuring tracks previously unavailable on LP's).

9 - Bonus Album #2 - (featuring selected trivia from TV & Radio Interviews, and rare demos released for the first time).

Enclosed in each Skyhooks Box Set is an exclusive illustrated booklet.

This set is unopened and is sold in “As is” condition, given it has travelled from Australia to the US originally and then back to Australia in 2002.

This set will be posted in an Australia Post Express Post satchel, wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the box set from damage - provided in Free Postage.