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Vinyl: UNKNOWN never before seen CAMBODIAN 1960s/70s comp LP! Chanchhaya Sinn Sisamouth

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02 Jun 2017
01 Jun 2017
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United States
World Music
Far East & Asia
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This is undoubtedly the rarest record I will *EVER* offer for sale! All script is in Cambodian, so I can’t tell anything about the artists or titles, but I know that the label Chanchhaya was a Cambodian label that did a few 7”s back in the 1960s and 1970s which are themselves very rare collector’s items. This LP is the only LP I’ve ever seen on the label, and there’s no trace of it to be found anywhere (on Discogs, Popsike, etc.), so this might be the only one that’s ever made it to E-bay!

I can’t read Cambodian, so I can’t tell who sings what songs, but I think that the man on the upper left of the cover drawing looks a lot like the famous SINN SISAMOUTH, who is anyway one of the most prolific Cambodian artists of the 1960s and 1970s, so he is probably on here! As for the rest, someone with more knowledge of the Cambodian music scene’s golden era will have to figure that out! I’d be interested to know! The music definitely speaks for itself, so a little bit of mystery concerning the performers can’t stop the LP from being one of the best I’ve ever heard!

Because of the extreme rarity of the album, and the high opening bid, I have put the entire LP up on YouTube for everyone’s enjoyment! I hate to have to part with it, but at least now we’ll all have the music. You can also check the condition there, as there is a small skip on A2 (at around the 4:50 mark). Otherwise it is very clean. Check the photos, which are also displayed in the video (new one every 3.5 minutes or so).

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZCz5X0AD6o

Condition: See above in the description, and listen to/watch the video. I would grade it VG+ all around except for the one small skip. There is some dirt and a few corner bumps/crumples of the cover (due to the thin paper), but it’s in very good shape as well. Again, please check the photos and the *ENTIRE* LP at the video.

Terms (Please read carefully): Payment is due within THREE (3) DAYS via Paypal – no exceptions. Buyer pays shipping, INCLUDING MANDATORY INSURANCE ON THIS ITEM (due to rarity/price; note: $1560 worth of insurance is approximately $18). Whether you are based in the USA or outside of it, please wait for my invoice, which will include all of these charges and a range of shipping options. (Note: the $40 charge is the max for this category; please don't pay the invoice bearing a $40 shipping total, as some mail options are over that amount, and some are under, depending on your location and preferences. Please wait for my invoice!)

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