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CD: U2 son gs of innocence 2014 Taiwan Ltd 2-CD w/OBI (digipak)

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34.68 USD
34.68 USD
22 Feb 2021
24 Aug 2016
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Universal Music
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U2 son gs of innocence 2014 Taiwan Ltd 2-CD w/OBI (digipak)

U2 son gs of innocence 2014 Taiwanese Limited 2CD w/OBI is released limitedly by Universal Music (Taiwan) ,with the digipak package & the original lyrics ,and in good condition.

(There are some scratches on the edge of package, and please pay attention!!)


(Catalogue No: 4704894)

Tracks :
01 The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
02 Every Breaking Wave
03 California (There Is No End To Love)
04 Song for Someone
05 Iris (Hold Me Close)
06 Volcano
07 Raised By Wolves
08 Cedarwood Road
09 Sleep Like A Baby Tonight
10 This is Where You Can Reach Me Now
11 The Troubles

01 Lucifer's Hands
02 The Crystal Ballroom
03 Acoustic Sessions
04 The Troubles (Alternative Version)
05 Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)

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