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DCC: DCC digitale compact cassette : Pink floyd - Softly spoken magic spells

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05 Sep 2015
29 Aug 2015
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Pink Floyd
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DCC digitale compact cassette : Pink floyd - Softly spoken magic spells

DCC digitale compact cassette :

Title : Pink floyd - Softly spoken magic spells

Normal recorded dcc tape in the philips studio from a bootleg

2 tapes


Tracks: Disc 1: 1. Shine on you crazy diamond 12:42 2. Learning to fly 5:16 3. Take it back 6:30 4. Sorrow 10:34 5. Keep talking 7:55 6. Wish you were here 5:45 7. Another brick in the wall Pt.2 7:04 8. One of these days 7:29 9. High hopes 8:12 Total: 71:29 Disc 2: 1. Speak to me 5:08 2. Breathe 2:43 3. On the run 4:24 4. Time 5:37 5. Breathe (reprise) 1:10 6. The great gig in the sky 5:06 7. Money 8:49 8. Us and them 7:15 9. Any colour you like 3:21 10. Brain damage 3:04 11. Eclipse 2:55 12. Comfortably numb 10:54 13. Run like hell 9:10 Total: 69:38 Band: (not listed) David Gilmour Guitars, vocals Nick Mason Drums Rick Wright Keyboards, vocals Guy Pratt Bass/vocals Durga McBroom Backing vocals Jon Carin Keyboards/vocals Sam Brown Backing vocals Tim Renwick Guitars Claudia Fontaine Backing vocals Gary Wallis Percussion Dick Parry Saxophones
Quality:Ex+ -PIET
Comments:The sound is incredible, as if sb. has recorded this very much in front of the speakers. Much high and low (sometimes more high than I can bear ;) and more low than my parents can stand ;)). Especially the high pitches from (I think) percussionist Gary Wallis are *very* good audible ! I think (owning a lot of tapes and having Moonlight Tunes, 1994 West Coast Trip, Giants At The Giants and Mad For Fucking Years and some others) that this CD set has the most clear sound so far. If only I had an equaliser for the bass ... My source had 50 copies of this and had only a few left, so I don't know the quantity of this set. More info about the performance can be found in the tour files, and the only problem I have with this set is that they changed the *very* nice set-order and removed High Hopes from the encore and placed it at the end of disc one. Also, Dave announcements after DSotM (thanks, and about Roger) have been eliminated :( SOYCD starts with thunder, water, ping (echoes) and then Ricks keyboard rise (in volume ;) The second solo in Comfortably Numb is 5:38 exact ;) In all, clearly a must have for any fan around -PIET

Sound is excellent. This one includes the end of the soundscape before Shine On I-V+VII, and a long Speak To Me. High Hopes was moved to the end of Disc 1, but it was performed as encore instead of WYWH, performed on the first set. One of my favorites from the 94 tour. - FERNANDO.

Condition : good used


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