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CD: Audio Fidelity Scorpions Blackout Hybrid SACD #1511 Factory Sealed

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63.00 USD
63.00 USD
08 Apr 2021
15 Mar 2021
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Hong Kong
Brand New
Audio Fidelity
United States
Hard Rock
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The Local post office in Hong Kong is now accepting air services to the following countries:

1) Most European Countries except Russia.

2) All Parts of USA, Australia

3) Most Asian Countries except Japan

Please ask if you want to know whether air mail services is available to you or not before you BID. Most importantly, please stay safe and healthy!!!!

For other countries,I can only ship by surface mail and registered post at the moment and it will take around 10 to 12 weeks to reach US and European country. Please be aware of this before bidding. I will refund the shipping cost of US$3 after you check out as I will absorb the shipping cost during this period of time.

Audio Fidelity Scorpions Blackout Hybrid SACD #1511 SEALED. Now out pf print and difficult to find a sealed copy.

I guarantee all CDs and LPs are all genuine and not bootleg. Will ship the item by air and registered post to US and Europe by air and registered post at a discount shipping cost at US$3.

Thanks for looking !