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Cassette: AC/DC Live America West Phoenix AZ 9/13/2000 Original Digital DTRS Master Tape

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899.99 USD
23 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021
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AC/DC Live Phoenix AZ 9/13/2000 Original Digital Master DTRS Tape 19 Tracks

This auction is for an original AC/DC audio master recording on DTRS (Hi-8) multitrack digital audio tape
This is a one of a kind live mixed master recording of the September 13, 2000 Stiff Upper Lip tour show at America West Arena in Phoenix AZ
These master remixes were recorded on a DTRS multitrack 8-track format like a TASCAM DA-88, DA-98, DA-38 or Sony PCM-800 and as I understand it, were used to
make the broadcast only CD "A Concert Broadcast With AC/DC" which was released as a radio only promo and contained 17 out of these 19 live songs
The songs included on this tape but not on the radio broadcast CD (and several bootleg copies of it) are "Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be" and "The Jack"
The only song not complete from the live show is Bad Boy Boogie, but the intro and first few seconds of the song are on the tape

There are 4 mixed audio tracks that include full mix left, full mix right, crowd only left, and crowd only right
A track sheet with a listing of the 19 songs on the tape is included

This tape includes 19 recorded tracks (songs) in their entirety plus part of Bad Boy Boogie
There are a few locations on the tape where the song was stopped and restarted at the beginning for editing purposes
These edits are indicated on the track sheet with ABS time locations

The tape case is marked as follows:
AC/DC remixes
9/15/00 (mixed date?)
Tape #1,
1 Full Mix Left
2 Full Mix Right
3 Crowd Only Left
4 Crowd Only Right
Eng: Guy Charbonneau
44.1K / 29.97ND / Master
Lemobile Remote Recording with Logo

The tape is labeled "Original Master" and hand written "AC/DC Remix 9-15-00 Lemobile"

I have listened to this tape in its entirety on a Sony PCM-800 machine to authenticate the tape and to assure there are no issues
This tape is the real deal and played all the way through without a problem

This tape was professionally recorded by a well known remote mobile recording company
I legally acquired this tape (along with many others) that was previously owned by someone directly involved with the recording and I can
provide this backup info to the winning bidder if requested

This is a one of a kind original master recording that is offered as “memorabilia” and all rights of reproduction
and copyright remain with the artist or owners thereof
The material is 100% legal for you to own however, “Ownership of these recordings does not convey, transfer, grant or imply ownership of any copyrights, master rights, broadcast, performance or any other rights to the music recorded on the tapes”
I have described the contents and origin of this tape to the best of my ability

Any sales of audio recordings are final and sold as is with no returns due to the possibility of reproduction


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