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CD: Led Zeppelin Last LA Forum Days - 6/25/ & 6/27/77

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19.95 USD
19.95 USD
22 Nov 2020
16 Sep 2020
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United States
Very Good
Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin Last LA Forum Days - 6/25/ & 6/27/77
All 4 of the discs are in Very Good Condition. Case has normal wear. Shipping in USA only. Look at the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks & Good Luck!!

The guidelines I use for "grading" CDs & DVDs is as follows: SEALED - Unopened CD or DVD, MINT - CD and any Inserts or booklets, etc. are in perfect shape with no visible wear. The case may have some wear or scratches. NEAR MINT: CD or DVD may have very small or light surface marks, inserts will not be faded, creased, hole punched, or defaced in any way. VERY GOOD: Cd or DVD with a few very light surface scratches/scuffs. Booklet or insert free from rips, tears dog ears etc. GOOD: A few surface scratches,swirls, or scuffs. Case and/or inserts may have hole punch, or bar code marked. All of my CDs & DVDs should play without skipping or I will make it right. I put more emphesis on the condition of the disc than the inserts or case. I have researched the "grading systems" and found them to have a very wide range of specifications. I could not find a "Universal" grading system. Bid with Confidence and always feel free to ask any questions.