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78 rpm: Edwards day out by Rev Awdry original 78rpm on transacord original direct record

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15 Sep 2020
05 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
78 rpm
United Kingdom
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this is a 10 inch 78 rpm record of Edwards day out, the recording of one of the stories in the first Thomas the Tank Engine book by the Reverend Awdry (The three engines). The recording was made by Peter Handford, I understand from the internet net in 1957 but is usually available as a 7 inch vinyl 45 rpm. This may be an earlier or rarer variant, I do not know. It has a handwritten label and says that it is a direct recording as opposed to a pressing. Whether from a master tape or whether this might be something more interesting I do not know, but it came into my family through the commissioning publisher who dealt with the rev Awdry, a neighbour. It may be some kind of proof? I doubt it has been played more than a few times. It is in a plain slightly torn paper sleeve and is in overall very good condition. I have tried to capture the few scuff marks in the photographs. I do not know whether it plays well or not, I only have an old windup player and this requires a modern light pickup. I'm not sure whether this is interesting or not but I have rescued it from my parents house downsizing and if there are no buyers it will go in the skip, just looking for a good home. Postage charged at Royal mail second class signed for. For sale to UK only. On 08-Sep-20 at 10:15:20 BST, seller added the following information:

this comment has been sent to me by a person who knows about such things

This is very interesting! I wrote the book about Transacord and my guess is that it is a test pressing made for approval from the publisher and the Reverend prior to sending the source tape to British Homophone for pressing up the 7" EP. Peter Handford had a 78 disc cutter, so this was a sensible way of getting a copy's made up (as in the publisher/Reverend would probably not have had a reel-to-reel tape player in those days but would have had a 78 player).
This is probably a one-off, in that there was no copy in Peter Handford's collection. But if this is T/4 it makes me wonder what T/1 to T/3 were!
Best wishes,
Mark Jones.
On 08-Sep-20 at 16:37:18 BST, seller added the following information:

The source of the record was Eric Marriot, who lived a couple of doors along from me in Shenfield and gave this to my parents to amuse me.