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CD: Johnny Cash The Man In Black 1963-69 Vol.3 (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) Bear Family

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01 Aug 2020
16 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
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Johnny Cash
Black Box
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Johnny Cash The Man In Black 1963-69 Vol.3 (6-CD Deluxe Box Set) Bear Family

Vol.3,Man in Black 1963-69 6 by Johnny Cash | CD | condition good. Condition is New. Dispatched with eBay delivery – Packlink 2-3 days.

Very rare and collectible

From the deceased estate of an elderly collector

I have a huge selection to be listed, please have a look at my other listings

Bear Family Records

Guaranteed brand new and sealed

Free UK postage

Overseas shipping via GSP only please contact us with any queries

Has been in an empty house for years, may smell slightly damp

Johnny Cash: Man In Black 1963-69 Vol.3 (6-CD Deluxe Box Set)

6-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 47-page book, 152 tracks. Playing time approx. 414 mns.

The third volume in our chronological documentation of Johnny Cash's epic career covers the period before Cash became a superstar following the San Quentin and Folsom albums and his ABC-TV series. During this period, he almost forsook country for folk music. During this period, he made some of the most radical and experimental country albums ever recorded, as well as hits like Understand Your Man, Orange Blossom Special, and The One On The Left Is On The Right. It also includes the album 'Keep On The Sunny Side' with The Carter Family, as well as much rare, unreleased material and foreign-language songs.