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CD: Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box (Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.)

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850.00 USD
850.00 USD
13 Jan 2021
23 Apr 2020
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United States
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Danny Elfman
Soundtracks & Musicals
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PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH ANY INTREST OR QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS ITEM! This is a music box made to celebrate 25 years between Danny Elfman and Tim Burton. The music box includes CD'S from Burton's greatest films, A book talking about the careers of Elfman and Burton and inspiration behind the movies, a key flash drive containing all the songs from the cd's, a letter from Danny Elfman and Tim Burton, and the inside of the top piece of the music box doubles as a zoetrope with super cool drawings and images that move when the piece is spun. This piece isn't available anywhere else except for Amazon with an asking price of $4000! Box does have slight damage but is super common. I will ship this item out with extreme care and a LOT of packaging. This is a great opprotunity for a large amount of collectors and is incredibly hard to come by now. Will ship with insurance and require a signature upon delivery. This is cross listed on Mercari

List of CD's:

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Edward Scissorhands
Batman Returns
Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mars Attacks
Sleepy Hollow
Planet Of The Apes
Big Fish
Charlie and the Choclate Factory
Corpse Bride
Alice in Wonderland
Oddities and Ends
Notes and Oddities
Curious and Curiouser