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Vinyl: Ideal for living E.P rare vinyl Joy Division Enigma

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3.500,00 EUR
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3.500,00 EUR
21 Dec 2020
14 Dec 2019
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Ideal for living E.P rare vinyl Joy Division Enigma . √Čtat : Occasio
If you read these lines you know exactly what this rare E.P is about .... this an excellent near mint copy bought by myself in 78 at Rough Trade.It's m'y personnal copy played only twice . No body except myself had this record in hands ever since ( including Helen my wife who's into classical music ....).
The iconic sleeve is just stunning .... I shot the photos on a white background .... so you'll make your own opinion stain , no greasy fingers ....
The condition of the record is excellent ( has some very light stockage marks invisible on the photos ) but play perfectly....
For hardcore collectors !!!!!
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