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CD: Type O Negative CD "Brighton Beach Dismemoirs" Rare Songs Rarities Peter Steele

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07 Sep 2019
07 Sep 2019
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United States
Brand New
Type O Negative
Black/Gothic Metal
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Type O Negative CD "Brighton Beach Dismemoirs" Rare Songs Rarities Peter Steele

This is a collection of studio rarities, alternate versions, remixes, and edits. 23 songs on two discs, each out of print on CD and difficult to find. Well over 2 hours of music. Every song is in its original WAV form and not some MP3 compressed version the likes of which are on the Youtube or other collections..
This is not a factory massed produced CD, not that Roadrunner would put out such an awesome collection anyway. If they were going to put a box set together, they would have done so already, so this is the best you are going to find to complete your collection. This is a new CD without wrapping.

Track List


1. Summer Girl Cover Bloody Kisses Sessions from “?” Promo 1993

2. Paranoid Cover Slow Deep and Hard Reissue 1991

3. Santana Medley- Symphony for the Devil DVD 2006

4. Christian Woman- Sell-Out Edit Bloody Kisses Sessions 1993

5. Pictures of Matchstick Men- Feat. Ozzy Osbourne Private Parts Soundtrack 1997

6. Hey Pete- Studio Cover Origin of the Feces 1992

7. Highway Star- Cover NASCAR Crank it Up 2002

8. Blood and Fire- Out of the Ashes Mix 1993

9. Love You to Death- Edit 1996

10. Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) (Edit) 1993

11. Black Sabbath-Nativity in Black Album 1994


1. Summer Breeze- Rick Rubin Mix Bloody Kisses Sessions 1193

2. Out of the Fire- Life is Killing Me Sessions Recorded for WWF Wrestler Kane 2003

3. Cinnamon Girl- Depressed Mode Mix 1996

4. My Girlfriends Girlfriend- Cheese Organ 1996

5. Suspended in Dusk-Bloody Kisses Sessions Digipak 1994

6. Haunted- Per Version 1996

7. It’s Never Enough- 1999

8. 12 Black Rainbows- 1999

9. Stay Out of My Dreams- 1999

10. Enemy of the State- Road Runner United 2005

11. Christian Woman (Edit)

12. Black Sabbath- Satanic Perspective 1994

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