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78 rpm: Set of 25 NEW Rock-N-Roll / Big Band American Hot Wax 78RPM Records for Jukebox

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300.00 USD
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12 Jun 2019
04 Jun 2019
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United States
Brand New
78 rpm
American Recordings
United States
Rock 'n' Roll
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Set of 25 NEW 78RPM Records for Jukeboxes. See the photo of the box for the titles. In this unique set, all records are back to back hits with 1950s / 1960s Rock and Roll on side A and 1940s Big Band on side B. Includes printed title strips. This is a brand new set. The records were never played.
CAUTION! These records are vinyl and MUST be played on equipment with a light weight tone arm. Wurlitzer jukeboxes from 1935-1947 must have a modified tone arm. Pre-WWII Seeburg, Rock-Ola AMI and others need to be modified as well. Wurlitzers with the Cobra tone arm are fine. If in doubt, feel free to send me a message with a photo of your tone arm.
FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 US States.