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Vinyl: Cool Struttin' with Sonny Clark / Mono / Ear and RVG / NM-plus archival cond.

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4,048.00 USD
100.00 USD
20 May 2019
13 May 2019
23 bids
United States
Sonny Clark
Blue Note
United States
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This is the highlight of this or any other sale. This is the original MONO version in absolutely stunning NM+ condition. During the l980s I developed a personal friendship with Leon Leavit, the famous auctioneer of jazz records and he allowed me to come to his warehouse and select out of dozens of copies of the rarest jazz records the best copy of the vinyl and cover on his shelves. This painstaking process resulted in my obtaining insanely special copies of the rarest and most sought after jazz records. This recording is one of those. The record itself is in archival condition and would be impossible to upgrade. The cover is just as nice. It plays as good as it looks. Over the years, I have played it only one time and it is extraordinarily quiet. Engraved in the runoff vinyl is the ear and Rudy Van Gelder, denoting a FIRST PRESSING. This is probably the finest specimen of this recording on the planet.

Please bid responsibly. If you have fewer than 30 positive transactions, please do not bid without prior permission. All payment must be made via Paypal within 48 hours of the close of auction. The record will be packaged securely in a hardback box filled with bubbles and styrofoam shock absorbers. I ship internationally and the cost will depend on the postal charges incurred. No profit is made on shipping. Bid freely as I am an experienced seller and my references speak for themselves. Good luck.