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11 Mar 2018
11 Mar 2018
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4-Track cartridge
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SHIPPING DOMESTIC $ 4 PLUS $ 1 EACH ADDITIONAL OVERSEAS FIRST $ 14 SECOND $ 10 EACH ADDITIONAL $ 2. I WILL BE LISTING A LOT OF TAPES THIS YEAR MOSTILY ON SUNDAY 1 P.M. E.S.T. SO DON`T MISS OUT . EVERYTHING WILL BE RARE HAIR METAL / HARD ROCK / MELODIC ROCK /80`S HEAVY METAL AND A FEW KILLER PROG OR THRASH ITEMS. THESE DEMOS AND INDIES I HAVE COLLECTED SINCE 1980 . I`M TURNING 72 SO ITS TIME TO SELL THEM. I`M NOT BE SELLING ANY MARGINAL STUFF BECAUSE IT HAS BEEN REMOVED OUT OF MY COLLECTION LONG AGO. MY STUFF IS IN NEW OR MINT CONDITION. CHECK MY FEEDBACK NO NEGATIVES OR COMPLAINTS. IF YOU ARE BUYING MULTIPLE ITEMS PUT THEM IN THE CART AND REQUEST A TOTAL. IF NOT I WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE AFTER I SHIP THEM. REVIEW METAL ARCHIVES Nitevigil is one of those awesome obscure bands of the 80s that while exhibiting commercial tinges in certain regards - appearance, some vocal edges for example, are in fact totally legit heavy metal with balls. It’s a thing you encounter rarely, for example with bands like Maxx Warrior, Luv Hunter, or perhaps most noticeably Leatherwolf, or Banshee. While Nitevigil’s photos, and perhaps even their song titles might lead one to consider them part of the melodic, commercial edged ‘metal’ acts of the latter part of the 80s, their sound is actually more of a confident, even heavy hitting, speedy US form of heavy, with some of the more girlish lustre of cool bands like Maxx Warrior, Banshee, or Ratt. This is a nice wee slice of energetic, exuberant heavy metal that doesn’t fall into that saturated over-cliched, saccharine rock scene of the 80s/90s period that fed off the ballsy legitimate and crushing legit heavy metal of contemporary bands. This nifty little cassette kicks of with an intro section which you'd think sounds similar to a thousand USPM type acts from the period; dark, thunderin', stormy - let's say Oblivion or Oliver Magnum. As soon as the vocalist kicks in, and the punchy, hooky choruses kick in, it's apparent we have something a bit different on offer here. This little number can be said to sum up the coolness that is 'Vigil - a musically talented, solid songwriting outfit, that manages to blend in a solid little concoction; glammy beauty, with punchin' aggression - in perhaps the best way I've heard since Maxx Warrior or the Motley Crue debut. This little subgenre isn't an easy one to get right - I don't hear it talked about at all, but it's a nifty oddity that I have a solid fondness for, and more importantly, would love to see more of. The title track is a slow pounder, with nifty leads and guitar licks, passionate vocals, legit lyrics that continues the perfect blend of girlish, high-polished commercial glitter, with enough punch and effective drum thunderin' to satisfy those no-nonsense old school metal fans. The more i hear it, the better. Nitevigil again proves they're not a candy-ass outfit, as with the third track 'Outta My Mind', they continue their brilliant mixture of beauty and glamour, with tough, ballsy USPM crunch. 'Break the Ice' is your ballsy, fast-runnin' NWOBHM pacer to cap things off with the 'tude. Again, 'Vigil just exudes a clear, strongly directed blend of catchy polish, with enough toughness for the classic metal poseur-killers out there. Just really fun, down-the middle run-n-gun stuff. Riffs are thunderin' NWOBHM styled fare with bands like Samurai and Savage from across the Atlantic springing to mind. With this obscure little cassette, Nitevigil crafts a handful of neat little numbers that offer up a great vocalist, in the style of a young Vince Neil, and as importantly - really great guitars that manage to balance things between the glitz and the power without sledging back into blues driven crud like so many commercially edged imitators of the time. Since dick all is known about Nitevigil, that i could find, It's unknown what the boys' vibe was - were they goin' after that early 'Crue vibe and gunnin' for that sort of commercial direction, or more likely, as i suspect, were they a meeting of musicians with somewhat diverging tastes that managed to pull it off and come up with a special little offering that exhibits a rather stellar blending of influences as a result. The production job seems to be focused on the heavier side - things are quite rough, pounding and bassy, but their excellently beautiful vocalist, and a good degree of the melodies come off as almost glam metallic. Either way, i haven't heard a good band in this style in the year or two since I've come across it. History Formed in 1984, Nitevigil was a heavy metal/hard rock outfit from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The original lineup of Phil English (vocals), Chris Wright (drums), Kris Ellis (guitars), and Bob Quelch (bass) had early success despite all being under the age of 17. One of those early highlights came in 1985 when Nitevigil finished third out of 400 entries in a popular Vancouver music talent search. As a result, they earned television appearances and a spot on the Vancouver Seeds 3 album released by MCA records. The song “Break The Ice” was featured on that album and received airplay on local radio stations. 1986 saw the departure of bass player Bob Quelch (later joined Infernal Majesty) and saw the arrival of bassist Robin Hughes. Nitevigil spent the next year and a half writing, recording, and performing many live shows including supporting Paul Dianno (original Iron Maiden vocalist) while building an ever growing following. The end of 1987 saw the first big release for Nitevigil, a four song E.P. titled State Of Emergency. Recorded at the famed Mushroom Studios in Vancouver, it was released on their own label Metal Leaf Records and was only available on cassette. Through tireless self promotion and without the help of the internet, the E.P. reached underground radio stations, magazines, and newspapers where it was received with great reviews worldwide. The loyal “Vigil” following began to grow and supported the band through different phases over the next few years. At the end of 1989, Dave Shannon (currently of Omnisight) replaced Kris Ellis as lead guitarist and after self managing for years, Nitevigil hired manager/recording engineer David Trigger. The band again went into intense writing/recording mode while still performing locally and also hitting the road for numerous mini tours through Western Canada as headliners and supporting name acts such as Lee Aaron and Sven Gali. From 1990 to 1994, Nitevigil were a very polished live act and recorded many new songs that saw them go back to their heavier roots. Their last five song E.P. was recorded at the world famous Little Mountain Sound and from this E.P. came their first video for the song ‘Little By Little’. The video received light rotation on local TV music shows as well as Much Music Canada. It was at this time that the band was really at their peak and showed a great maturity and confidence in their writing and live performance.The arrival of the Seattle grunge scene saw the final years for Nitevigil as it did for many hard rock/metal bands of the early 90’s. In 1994, hesitantly, Nitevigil, decided not to follow the new path of music and made the decision to disband. YOU TUBE INPUT >>>> Metal Ed.: Nitevigil (Can) - State Of Emergency