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Tour Program: NEW ORDER "Untitled". concert/ tour "Book". Factory records. Joy division

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02 Oct 2015
22 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
New Order
Tour Program
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NEW ORDER "Untitled". concert/ tour "Book". Factory records. Joy division

Selling of most of my FACTORY collection. combined postage on more than 1 item. This is a very rare book/magazine/item that was sold for the American tour of 1989 by peter Saville. This is what peter had to say about it=

I’ve never been able to come up with a word for it - it was a one-off thing. It’s called ‘Untitled’ because it had no specific purpose, and therefore it had no specific title. It was 1989, and New Order were about to go on tour in the US, so I suggested doing a kind of ‘book’ which could be sold on the tour - so you could call it a tour book. I have took just a few photos of whats inside. It hasen't really been out of it's cover and it is in mint condition.