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Vinyl: The Sisters of Mercy- Damage Done - Original - NM/EX

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18 Nov 2020
27 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
Sisters Of Mercy
Merciful Release
United Kingdom
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Here we have my copy of Damage Done by The Sisters Of Mercy. This is one of the rarest post-punk/goth records in existence and is very hard to find in any condition. Only 1000 were pressed, but the number in circulation is apparently less than this as some were damaged in a flood.
This copy I bought for my own personal collection from a dealer in Holland. The previous owner had (I am told) played it once, taped it, and then put it in storage. It certainly looks pristine.


The cover is in almost perfect condition with no creases, tears or marks. There is also no ring wear. There is the mildest hint of two creases, but that's all. It's truly remarkable, given that it's not much more than a paper bag. The cover shows the two signs that it is 100% genuine - 1. The cross on the church roof is fully visible and 2. the right hand corner of the image is missing a fraction.

Near Mint/NM


There are no visible marks or scratches on the vinyl. In this way it's remarkable. However, the record is not particularly glossy, which is perhaps a consequence of it being stored for nearly 40 years. If it wasn't for the lack of glossiness I would grade this as NM.

The labels are perfect. They are on the correct side (half of them have the labels on the wrong side).

The record has the correct markings: Matrix / Runout (Side A): MR-7-PICTURE-1 / EG / A PORKY PRIME CUT / FOR SPIGGY; Matrix / Runout (Side B): MR-7-WORDS-1 / EG / ANUDDER PORKY PRIME CUT / FOR TRIXIE. Thus, it is 100% genuine.


Play Test

I have play-tested the record once since I bought it and it sounds great, but has minor crackle on the run-ins. It plays perfectly with a very decent sonic range. You can hear many of the subtleties missing from the compilation albums and it's obviously much better than the many bootlegs in circulation. I have a very decent turntable and Technics system, so I can say with confidence it sounds excellent.

Further Information

All in all, this is a remarkable record that will appreciate in the coming years and to find one in this condition is extremely hard.

I am very happy to post this to anywhere in the world, it will be packed extremely well and sent tracked and fully insured as you would expect.

As you can see, I have 100% positive feedback. I have been a collector of Sisters of Mercy vinyl since the 1980's and have bought and sold many rare Sisters records. I know this band like the back of my hand. I also know how to grade vinyl accurately, and how important this is as a collector myself. Often records graded as M/NM/Ex/VG are disappointing - but this one will not be. It's the real deal.


Please feel free to make a reasonable offer. I will give each offer serious consideration.