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CD: U2: Achtung Baby - Rare French Promo CD Box Set & Island Records Marketing Plan

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29 Jun 2020
19 Jun 2020
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United Kingdom
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Island Records
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Achtung Baby

Ultra Rare French Promo Trabant / CD Box Set & Island Records Marketing Plan

Release Date: 1991

Country of Manufacture: France

Produced in extremely small numbers and only given to select journalists and VIP's


1. Unique 8" by 5" picture box featuring images taken from the album artwork

2. Original 5" long Blue model trabant with pull-back powered wheels, moulded windscreen wipers, square "Achtung Baby" sticker on the bonnet and square "U2" stickers on the doors

3. Factory sealed French issue CD with hype sticker

4. French language biography booklet

5. Island Records 1991 "Achtung Baby" five page media marketing plan

All contents are in mint condition throughout.