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CD: Sounds Scary - Therapy Programme for Dog with Fear of Loud Noises 2 CD Training

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09 Jan 2020
09 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
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Sounds Scary - Therapy Programme for Dog with Fear of Loud Noises 2 CD Training
Behavioural therapy pack for dogs with sound phobia.

The Sounds Scary phobia therapy CD pack contains 2 CDs with noises of fireworks, gunshots and thunder. Research has shown that 90% of dogs with a sound phobia are frightened of 2 or more of these noises.

The pack contains :

Two CD's of noises of rain, hail, thunder, fireworks and gunshots.
The Complete Manual with information to help you to understand and treat your dog's phobia problem.
The Quick Reference Guide, to get therapy started quickly and advice to get you through firework and thunder events as they happen.
Sounds Scary products have been developed by Sarah Heath and Jon Bowen, both internationally renowned veterinary surgeons who exclusively treat pets with behavioural problems.

This unique therapy package is the product of many years experience successfully treating dogs with sound phobias. The CD's have been recorded using the latest technology to support both desensitisation and counter-conditioning, treatment techniques that are proven to reduce sound phobias in dogs.

This product is designed to offer YOU, the pet owner a therapy that is FAST, SAFE and most importantly EASY TO USE.

The quality and performance of Sounds Scary products has made them the preferred choice of veterinary surgeons and behaviourists around the world.

Together with 28 - page booklet.