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Black Sabbath
United Kingdom
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BLACK SAB BATH-LAST GIG WITH RAY (2CD + Limited Bonus DVDR "Ray's 3rd Gig")
Live at Royal Centre, Nottingham, UK 4th June 1986 PERFECT SOUND (from Original Masters)

One of the most important live sound sources of BLACK SABBATH will finally re-appear in response to the fans' hot requests! The LAST GIG WITH RAY (Langley), which recorded the audience on the final day of the 4th July Nottingham performance with the exceptionally high sound quality from the tour accompanying the "SEVENTH STAR" release in 1986, was released seven years ago. It became a big topic among Tattan BLACK SAB BATH fans, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The master tape recorded by Crazy S was originally a high-grade material for the audience recording at that time, and there was a wonderful listening response that had nothing to overcome it at the time of its last appearance, but this time it has appeared again The master tape completely remastered in the hit, and this work treated politely, I want you to seriously consider the repurchase even for those who have the previous work, high quality and super high quality It has been transformed into a super title that combines the ease of listening to

It is inevitable that the listener will be overwhelmed by the immersive feeling of this work from the opening "Supertzar", and it will be knocked out at a dramatic start of the following "The Mob Rules"! "Girls Of The Sea" and "War Pigs", where Ray Guillan's wet and powerful singing skills are fully developed, are excellent items. Especially, the soft singing song of "Children Of The Sea" is different from Ronny and it has a different tastefulness. A recording that captures Ray's voice so beautiful is nothing less than a miracle! He didn't know much about SABBATH's songs until he joined the band at the end of March '86, but because he is performing this convincing performance in a short period, Ray's talent is amazing You In the "SEVENTH STAR" recordings such as "Danger Zone" and "Heart Like A Wheel", while following the original of Glenn Hughes, it is possible to imagine that he is not an original, and incorporates his unique personality You can listen to the magnificent singing voice. On the last day of the tour, all members, besides Ray, are more than usual. The powerful rhythm section of Eric Singer and Dave Spitz, and the keyboard play of Jeff Nichols, you can listen to the full sound separation of this work. Especially in the heavyweight medley unique to this time, flowing from “Sympton Of The Universe” to “Sweet Leaf” with songs, it is possible to enjoy the explosive power in '86 SABBATH, where young American blood was added to British veterans. It will be. Also, Jeff Nichols has been very active in "Seventh Star" and "Die Young", and his skill has drawn a spectacular and dramatic view of the world of SABBATH. The difference between "NIB" and "Neon Knights" medley that skillfully used the difference in speed and "Heaven And Hell" featuring Ioumi's guitar solo is still wonderful, but the listening place of this work is "Black in the beginning of Disc 2 It will be Sabbath. A guitar with a thunderous tone and an Erich's drum that sounds like a full-fledged sound field are really intense, and the occult curiosity gets the best sound quality, creating a more eclectic sound world like never before! I hope this take, if possible, will be enjoyed under an excellent playing environment. That's a great song! And another surprise from this work is a speech of thanks to Tony Iomi from the audience after "Paranoid". Usually, I do not usually do such a performance much, but at this time I express my gratitude to the audience many times, and the audience also responds with a large SAB BATH call. After Ian Giran's withdrawal, Io Mimi suffered from member changes, and after having struggled with the production and tour of "SEVENTH STAR", I think that I was glad that the tour ended safely. The scene where the end theme “Lagna Sunrise” flows in the crowding SAB BATH call is impressive, and this moment is one of the important scenes in the long SAB BATH history.

Sabas of the Ray Guillan era that became soberly noticed by the official deluxe edition that was announced recently. When combined with the gift board "Texas Danger Zone" of this work and simultaneous release, you can listen to most of the line sound source, but it is still impossible to know the overall appearance of what a show was. That's why it is the best work. The final performance is not a mere memorial, but a fat and fat show, and the final goal for Ray, who has never been on stage again as a Sabah singer. Its historic timing, the ultimate high quality sound, complete recording, the best of the best in all senses. Ray sings "The Eternal Idol" demo is great, and the soundboard live is also good. However, if you think "one of Ray Sabas", this is definitely a great masterpiece. If you listen to the super high-quality sound board and listen to this work, everyone will be convinced. Surprised at the moment it began, and a super-satisfied super title until the end. Ann official's strength, please feel it by all means! The best-known sound source is restored in the best form on the limited press CD of the picture disc.

★ Review summary of Beatleg magazine vol. 125 (December 2010). For your information.

"LAST GIG with RAY" (LANGREY: 2CD), released in 2003, remastered the original master tape and was re-released on the press CD. In 1986, Glenn Hughes, a vocalist, got out early from SABBATH, which started with the promotion of the album "SEVENTH STAR", but Tony Ioomi is unknown in the major scene at that time to continue the tour. Rei Giran suddenly joined, joined the tour on March 29-Connecticut. (The stage of the day is included in the “NO STRANGER TO LIVE” (SHADES: 2CD) reviewed in this issue). On June 4th, the UK-Nottingham stage was recorded in a clear, realistic sounding audience recording with a clear, realistic feel. The stage starts with "The Mob Rules" throughout the tour. Ray's Vikal has a presence full of persuasive power and expressive power that does not seem to be an unknown newcomer, and the stage of the final day also boasts spectacular performance. SABBATH CLASSIC's "Sweat Leaf" has performed an excellent vocal with a high tone different from Ozzy, and the famous song of "Rony Young" "Die Young" is an excellent piece of music that Tony's guitar and Ray's vocals are exquisite It can be seen that the highlight of the middle of the concert is mixed. Rei brings a new life to Black Sabbath, which should be called the birth song of SAB BATH played to impress the new SAB BATH. In the final stage, I play "Neon Knights" and "Heaven And Hell" so that the band will put all the power into it as if I bless the last day of the tour. And this time, Encore's "Paranoid" is played as if to thank the fans for supporting the band. After the song, like Tony, thanks words from Tony to the audience. The audience must have been surprised at this. And it can be said that the SAB BATH call buzzing from the spectators is proof that the last day of the tour was the best stage. It is a really valuable sound source, and fans should get it as the final version. In addition, DVD-R "RAY'S 3RD GIG" which recorded the stage in Canada-Montreal on April 1, 1986 with good picture quality and sound quality is attached to the bonus disc, and this will be a must-see.


Disc 1
1. Supertzer 2. Mob Rules 3. Children Of The Sea 4. Danger Zone 5. War Pigs 6. Heart Like A Wheel
7. Symptom Of The Universe 8. Sweet Leaf 9. Zero The Hero 10. Sphinx 11. Seventh Star
12. Member Introduction 13. Turn To Stone 14. Drum Solo 15. Die Young

Disc 2
1. Black Sabbath 2. Bass Solo 3. N.I.B. 4. Neon Knights 5. Heaven And Hell 6. Paranoid
7. Tony Iommi says "Thank you"

Tony Iommi - Guitars Ray Gillen - Vocals Dave Spitz - Bass Eric Singer - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards

Special Thanks: Crazy S.

★ As a bonus disc, Canada, April 1, 1986, which is a live show just after joining Ray Guillan, will be accompanied by "RAY'S 3RD GIG" (DVDR), which includes high-quality audience shots of Montreal performances.

Live at Montreal Forum, Montreal, Canada 1st April 1986 AMAZING SHOT !!

As a vocalist to replace Glenn Hughes since the US Tour with the 1986 "Seventh Star", Canada will be in Montreal for the 3rd live, which will be the third live with the sudden selection of Ray Guilan. A long-awaited video title for the fan, fully recorded in the highest level audience shot over 23 minutes, is now available. The camera captures the stage from the front row of the second floor, and many close-up scenes of members also appear. The camera angle and the camera work are very high quality, and steady video images capture the stunning performance of Tony Iomimi who attracts the audience with newly joined Ray Guillan and spiritful guitar play. . The good news is that the audio is very good, stress free and you can enjoy the precious stages of this period. Ray's vocals and actions are so imposing that they do not seem to be a live on the third day after joining, and they have not only worked on Sabas's lead singer, a very important substitute, but they are ashamed of the history of Sabas throughout the entire film. Not showing off the best vocals. You can see Eric Singer's rhythmic group, which looks cool, and looks like a glitzy Dave Spitz or a blonde, and it's a realistic image. From the opening, Mob Rules, Children Of The Sea, the new song Danger Zone, and War Pigs are a must-see for the brave figure of the new-born Sabas that is convoluted with the play of Fury! A major medley performance is also one of the highlights, as is the Blues-like Heart Like A Wheel, the Symptom Of The Universe / Sweet Leaf / Zero The Hero / Sphinx / Seventh Star. A fan must-see video title that can be enjoyed with excellent image quality that seems to be a copy from a place close to the master drop! This is recommended.


1. Intro: Supertzar 2. Mob Rules 3. Children Of The Sea 4. Danger Zone 5. War Pigs
6. Heart Like A Wheel 7. Symptom Of The Universe/Sweet Leaf 8. Zero The Hero/Sphinx (The Guardian)
9. Seventh Star 10. Turn To Stone 11. Drum Solo/Turn to Stone (reprise) 12. Black Sabbath
13. Neon Knights 14. Heaven and Hell incl. Orchid & Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 15. Paranoid

Tony Iommi - Guitars Ray Gillen - Vocals Dave Spitz - Bass Eric Singer - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 83min.

Format: Album

Region Code: Region Free

K Black Sabbath

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