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Vinyl: Elvis Presley First Press Misprint Upside down #209 Blue Moon/That's All Right

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12,000.00 USD
12,000.00 USD
05 Dec 2018
17 Aug 2018
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United States
Elvis Presley
Blue Moon
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"That's All Right" Label is in Very Good Plus condition. "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" Label is in Excellent used condition. "That's All Right" Vinyl exhibits numerous light scratches but both sides of this record play through without many skips. Some surface noise is evident in softer passages as was is the case with all Elvis Sun records as these early (1954) Sun pressings were known to have been pressed with a 78 RPM gauge needle.” please contact seller with any questions, will ship after funds received and verified, this has been verified original by Sun Records as we live in Memphis and this was found in a collection by a local family member here, do not have original sleeve- have the #210 also if you are interested (selling separately), buyer pays shipping if it is international and will only ship fedex as do not have issues with them damaging items and easier to insure through them (additional charge) NO RETURNS