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78 rpm: Mawson Antarctic Expedition 1929 "Discovery" Goodson Gramophone Record Co 78 rpm

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11 Oct 2017
28 Sep 2017
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United States
78 rpm
Goodson Gramophone Record Company
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Mawson Antarctic Expedition 1929 on The Discovery by Goodson Gramophone Record Co. 78 rpm record plus mailed packaging from Australia.
There is a chip and small crack on the edge that doesn't go into the recording. (see pictures)
This is an extremely rare recording, I know of only one other that has survived the ravages of time.

This lightweight white record was presented to the sailors of the Discovery for the Mawson Antarctic Expedition in 1929 by the Goodson Gramophone Record Co.

They also sent a Gramophone on the voyage so the sailors could play the record during the voyage. (not included here)

History of this record, (to make a long story short): In 1918 my father John, sailed to Australia on the “Johnston” with a cargo of lumber. They were temporarily shipwrecked enroute off the Coast of California. Recovering, they sailed on and upon arrival at Australia my father met his lifelong friend Fred G. Ward. Fred was very adventurous as well as musical, he whistled and played the mandolin very well together with writing stories of which I have several of them somewhere handwritten. In 1929, Fred as adventurous as he was joined the Antarctic Voyage on the “Discovery” a Mawson Antarctic Expedition (a sailing ship) and somehow salvaged this record which he shipped to me in the early 1950’s when I was a young lad. (I still have the original mailing package). Sometime after his 93rd birthday Fred passed away and his son Russel cast his ashes into the Antarctic. God bless them all.

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