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Vinyl: The Beatles - PLEASE PLEASE ME -Black and gold Stereo LP - 1st UK Pressing

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11 Jul 2016
01 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
The Beatles
United Kingdom
Pop & Beat: 1960s
The Beatles
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Is this Item a Fake or Counterfeit?
A collectors item for sale. I bought this record in the early 70's from a West End London shop.
I have only played it a handful of times as I have later pressings.
IR / IG stampers at 3o'c/9o'c.
ZMT code near the hole in side 1.
Dick James credits after the songs.
Matrix numbers YEX 94-1 - YEX 95-1

This record has no warping.
Side1 plays Vg+ with 1 skip at the very start of I Saw her Standing There.
Side 2 plays Vg+ with no skips and no surface noise.
Visually there are a few hairline scratches but both sides play very clearly.

The cover as you can see in photos is not perfect but i would not put another stereo cover to this as the photo writing under 'S' wouldn't match the 1st pressing. The record/sleeve should stay together for this LP

I am very happy to answer any questions.

Many thanks