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VHS Video: VHS Sold as Blank #747 MTV2 A to Z Marathon 2000 Motormania to Move M's MTV

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23 Nov 2020
15 Nov 2020
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VHS Sold as Blank #747 MTV2 A to Z Marathon 2000 Motormania to Move M's MTV



buying you agree to these terms. ITEM IS SOLD AS BLANK.

I physically go through EACH AND EVERY TAPE TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. I use the internet list as a guideline but that list does have errors. Still, I do my best to view the tape and catch any irregularities.

This item; #747 MTV2 A to Z Marathon 2000


Starts with Motormania to Move 2 hours SP Speed HiFi Stereo Crystal Clear

Motormania , Roman Holiday
Motorola Casanova , Campfire Girls
Motor's Too Fast , James Reyne
Motortown , Kane Gang
Motownphilly , Boyz II Men
Mountain Dance , Dave Grusin
Mountain Music , Alabama
Mountain Of Love , Molly & The Heymakers
Mountain Song , Jane's Addiction
Mountains , Prince and The Revolution
Mourn You Till I Join You , Naughty By Nature
Mouth , Merril Bainbridge
Mouth , Bush
Mouth For War , Pantera
Mouthful Of Pennies , Toenut
Move , David Hallyday
Move Any Mountain , The Shamen
Move Away , Culture Club
Move Closer , Tom Jones
Move Closer , Marilyn Martin
Move It In Move It Out , Derelect Camp
Move It Like This , K7
Move Me No Mountain , Soul II Soul
Move On , Fashion
Move Over Darling , Tracey Ullman
Move Right Out , Rick Astley
Move Somethin' , 2 Live Crew
Move The Crowd , Eric B. And Rakim


MTV2 A to Z Marathon started January 1st, 2000, and ended April 11th, 2000. I recorded the whole marathon with a rare power outage or surge that only happened three times at the most but I caught these instantly and from my independent recollection I may have only missed 1 video that may have not even have been broadcasted.

The internet list of the videos shown on the marathon is incorrect and I assume the list was put together by someone freeze-framing with a jog shuttle VCR the 12-hour rewind when the videos were repeated every 12 hours to give viewers a second chance.

I had my VCRs on racks with timers set so I only had to feed the VCR and turn it off. When the VCR spit out the tape it meant the tape had recorded to the end and or end of timer setting. Then there was the occasional tape I stopped when another VCR started recording and I added the tail end of a regular TV tape to fill it with MTV2 videos.

MTV2 did the 12-hour cycle the whole time it was being broadcast with the occasional MTV on MTV2 one hour program and there were many times the videos were "REWINDED BACK" without notice. Rarely some videos had the wrong band name and song title or had titles superimposed over titles and then there was the rare video with no titles at the beginning and end of the video.

Once in a while and this was very rare a video that was defective was broadcast or the videotape operator was not watching the output feed and you would get dead air and or color bars before the next video.

These were recorded off a C/Ku Satelite dish and a Direct TV dish with an after-market 1-meter dish so the signal would not fade even in the worst of weather. All tapes are in HiFi Stereo.

I did not figure out that MTV2 was repeating the videos every 12 hours until late February or early March 2000.

At that point, I just kept feeding the VCRs with tape to ensure I got all the videos I may have missed even though I set VCRs to turn on 10 minutes before the other tape would end. This also was a relief to me to find this out. At the time I was in school and I was studying 24/7 and only had limited time to purchase tapes and feed or reload the VCRs with tape.

VHSSAB#1 11/20