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Vinyl: The Beatles - Original Garrod & Lofthouse Delivery Box From 1967 with 20xMMT EP Incredible.Magical Mystery Tour.Orig.20 EP's Mint/Mint.

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2,700.00 GBP
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2,700.00 GBP
03 Sep 2020
03 Sep 2020
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The Beatles
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See my feedback since 1999(!) with 100% positive buyers. Free worldwide postage. The Box will be sent in a 2 x large outer box with lots of packing material. It will of course be sent as registred parcel with tracking. Also fully insured for the value.

About 40 years ago I found this box that came from a closed down record store. The box had never been opened, it was sealed, but I had to open if to make sure that it contained what was stated on the Garrod & Lofthouse sticker. See the Pictures. It's of course the absolute original issue, with blue text-booklet etc. Even the "wave" inner sleeves are of course 100% Mint. I'm the only one who once have touched the items!

I've been a pedantic collector myself since the 70's but 6 years ago I retired from work. And now I have to reduce my collection. This must of course be a unique item and it is a little hard to specify a buy it now price. I do also accept best offers, but they must be reasonable. I really hope it is bought by someone who runs a Beatles Museum.