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78 rpm: HALKA, The Polish National Opera, Vtg 10" 78rpm 1929 DANA/Syrena Records Label

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29 May 2020
28 May 2020
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United States
78 rpm
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HALKA, The Polish National Opera, Vtg 10" 78rpm 1929 DANA/Syrena Records Label
HALKA, The Polish National Opera
Stanislaw Moniuszko, composer
Matylda Polinska-Lewicka,soprano
Mieczyslaw Salecki, tenor
with the Warsaw Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Recorded in 1929 on the Syrena Records Label
Released on Dana Label in 1948
Label: DANA 6003 from Syrena Records 20285
Five 10" 78rpm records

Record Condition: VG. No visible scratches or scuffs, but records should be cleaned.
Album Condition: Poor, with water damage at the bottom of the album and deterioration of spine

Dana Records was founded in 1946 in New York by polish immigrant pianist, composer and singer Wladyslaw Danilowski also known as Walter Dana. Wladyslaw was born in Warsaw, Poland in April 26, 1902. In 1940 he came to the U.S. with his wife and son. From its start, the DANA Music Company was about Polish music. In 1948 the label had a huge success with Helen Polka, giving the label financial stability. In late 1948, the label significantly expanded its catalog when it acquired Syrena Records' catalog from Wlodziemierz Falencki, who shipped large numbers of Syrena masters from Poland due to expectations of a war.This 1929 recording of Halka is one from Syrena Records.