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Reel-to-reel: ROBOTECH Original Soundtrack MASTER TAPE Recordings 1985 "Safety" ?

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299.00 USD
299.00 USD
12 May 2020
12 May 2020
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United States
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Original Soundtrack
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I'm not quite sure what these 3 reel-to-reel tapes contain. They are obviously related to the Robotech soundtrack. Two of them are labeled "Safety'. I don't know if this simply means they are a back-up copy of my other listing (Robotech Masters A & B), but at least one of them appears to contain the split up tracks of some of the songs. That is, it will have just the vocal track for a song and then after that it will have the instrumentation. But please realize that I am guessing about that; it's hard to tell and I don't have a reel-to-reel player. They are large, approximately the size of a vinyl record. Tapes appear to be in pristine condition, and as you can see they look like they've never been played.
Unlike the other listing for the masters, these are labeled Harmony Gold, both on the cases and on the reels. Harmony Gold worked with US Renditions but then had a famous falling-out with them. I apologize for not having more information about all of this; I know that some Robotech fans might have a better understanding of what these tapes actually represent. Anyway, aside from the masters listed separately, these are the only copies I know to exist.
These come from the collection of Kevin Seymour, co-founder of US Renditions and ADR director for dozens of popular anime in the 80's, 90's, and 00's. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
Thank you and please see my other listings at