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CD: Anita Carter - The Appalachian Angel: Box Set of Her Recordings 1950-1972 & 1996

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14 Feb 2020
27 Jan 2020
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Anita Carter
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This is a fabulous 7-CD set of Anita Carter's recordings 1950 - 1972 & 1996 and comes in a pristine condition box set along with a beautiful, coffee table sized book highlighting Anita's life and career.
Known as 'the Appalachian Angel' for her beautiful voice and her lovely countenance and 'heart', Anita was a very special person as well as a singer with a soaring, beautiful voice. She was not much known to the general public as she never wanted to split from her famous Carter family to go on her own. But in this set, you'll be perhaps stunned as I was when I first heard just one song by her on a local country music station in the early 1990s. Never hearing any further numbers by Anita but remembering her beautiful voice from the one song I heard, I could never understand why she wasn't known far and wide across country and other genres. Years later, always haunted by that one song I heard, I searched for her on the internet and came across this wonderful set of her recordings along with insights as to why Anita seemed to skirt the limelight despite her obvious soaring talent.

I don't believe this box set produced by a German company (below) is still available anywhere. But I can assure you that, if affordable to you, you'll treasure it as I have for years.

Produced by:
Bear Family Records
P.O. Box 1154
27727 Hambergen