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Vinyl: Stereophonics - Local Boy In The Photograph - 7" - UNPLAYED - Discount For 2+

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04 Jul 2019
10 Jun 2019
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United Kingdom
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Stereophonics - Local Boy In The Photograph - 7" - UNPLAYED - Discount For 2+

Due to eBay's recent changes in listing fee promotions, by the end of April I will only be able to have 1,000 items listed per month, compared to the 3,000+ I’ve had previously or it will cost me £399 a month!

I will be rotating items each month, but if there is something you’d like re-listing please send me a message via that item & I can action it by sending an off3r.

My prices may also fluctuate due to the changes in fees. Though never during a current listing when items are being watched.



Buy 2 x 7”


Buy 1 x 10”/12” & 1 x 7”


Buy 1 x 10”/12” & 2 x 7”


Buy 2 x 10”/12”


Only valid when the listing has a red or green discount message.

Further discounts are weight dependant.

If you’d like to take advantage of the discounts or would like more than 2 items, then please message me via the most expensive item. Please include the items you wish to purchase, not just how many & to where.

Payment must be made within 48 hours please.

All messages will be replied to within 24 Hours

Every item I list I want to sell, but I’m in no rush & won’t let them go for a fraction of their value.

eBay have been adding offers to a number of items that I won’t accept off3rs on. I have been trying to remove the option, but don’t always have the time to find them all. Just because an item states it's open to off3rs, doesn't mean sellers have to accept them.

Very few are open to off3rs, due to timewasters & people being disrespectful. So on items that I will accept offers, I will state this at the beginning of the listing. Otherwise I will decline or counter-offer close to the listed price.

Please view all the pictures carefully, as condition is as shown

I have bought vinyl for 20+ years & built a massive collection, but it is just that, a collection. I do play some of my records, but I would never sell them for any amount of money.

I had been waiting 8+ years for an item to come up for sale & when one did, I started selling to be able to purchase it & then planned to stop. But it’s enabling me to improve my collection, so I’ve carried on.

99.9% of what I'm selling are unplayed .

I have personally purchased them new from a shop/website, they have then been put in a plastic sleeve & filed on a shelf. But I have listed all as preowned. I will have personally never played anything I sell, neither will I test it beforehand. But if I know it was bought second hand or I'm not sure, then I will state so in the listing. I'm happy to grade any records over £10 if required as per the Record Collector guidelines, but there won't be very many listed anyway.

Some sleeves may have shelfwear that may not be seen in the photos, all are VG+, though most are Near Mint/Mint. If I notice anything that wouldn't make it at least Near Mint, I include additional photos & try to mention it in my listing, but I don't always remember. Please be aware of this & ask if unsure.


I will send all vinyl purchases in strong cardboard mailers designed for vinyl, along with a cardboard stiffener. Other items will be sent securely packaged in either padded envelopes, boxes with bubble wrap, etc. For large orders, please contact me before paying as there maybe a cheaper alternative that will reduce the P&P charge, so I can discount your purchases further.

I ship items at a weekend, though try to do a second one mid-week, but please be aware my dispatch time is set at 5 days in case I’m only able to do one.

If my dispatch time is showing as >5 days, then I’ve had to extend it due to my shifts at work/holiday/etc.


If the item is below £20, then the 2nd Class Signed For via Royal Mail option can be chosen if you wish. Otherwise I will obtain proof of purchase, but will not be responsible for these items being lost.


You can have 2 x standard 7” items for one postage charge

I also do multiple shipping discounts, please message me with the exacts items you'd like to purchase & I can give you a shipping quote.

Some items listed under £20 will have the Royal Mail International Standard Shipping option, which means the item isn't tracked. I will obtain proof of purchase, but will not be responsible for these items being lost.

You will also be asked to pay immediately for any items that sell without needing me to accept offers. Please contact me before purchasing & await my instructions, as we can action it via offers, that I can then invoice you with combined shipping discounts.

In some countries, such as those in South America, the item is only tracked in the UK. Royal Mail state in their T&C's though that a refund maybe given for loss etc. So it's not guaranteed. I will only issue a refund, if Royal Mail refund me the money. Please be aware I am not responsible if they aren't willing to refund anything.

Please be aware that it is also your responsibility to pay any import duty charges.