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CD: Bob Dylan Albums Originals and Original Silvers

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12 Jun 2019
15 May 2019
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Bob Dylan
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Bob Dylan Albums Originals and Original Silvers

This offering of 13 Bob Dylan albums consists of official releases and original silver releases concerning some titles. Notice in the pics, please.

Everything offered in this listing is in very good to like new condition. Each of these CDs were very well taken care of. There may be some wear in the cases, but the discs and inserts are in fantastic shape.

There are some titles I’m not including in the pics but are going anyway because they fit in with the listing, but are CDRs of the titles. Nit selling them, just throwing them in the box.

I will take care of shipping via media mail. Otherwise, I’m certain we could work it out.

I will certainly ship priority if multiple listings are involved.

If you’d like more pictures, please ask.

If you’re interested in this Dylan listing as well as the others I’ve posted, please make an offer and inquire. I’d be happy to work something out.

If interested in this listing alone, please make an offer.

* Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000 Import - CD with hard case and booklet/insert.

* Unplugged - CD plus hard case, booklet and insert.

* Masked and Anonymous/The Reissue Series Sampler - Two CDs in gatefold case plus booklet/insert.

* Electric Black Night Crash - Junkyard Angel, Junk 001.A, original silver, priced hard case plus inserts. A+ Condition.

* Rolling Through Stormy Weather, Dandelion, DL 125&126, Stadthalle, Vienna; Sporthalle, Linz; Idalpe, Ischgel, April and May 1999, Two CDs, original silvers, priced hard case, all inserts.

* He’s Getting Ready For The Show - Ahoy, Rotterdam, 6-15-98, original silver, priced hard case, inserts and booklet. One CD.

* Plymouth Rock - One CD, PiggyPuss, original silver, The Rolling Thunder Review, hard case plus all inserts.

* Men of Peace - One CD, original silver, with The Grateful Dead, 7-10-87, hard case plus inserts.

* A Musical Retrospective - Three CDs, Original silvers, Scorpio Records, Doberman 252/253/254/; hard case plus all inserts.


* As Good as it Gets - Two CDRs, track lists.

* Like A Rolling Stone - The Hidden TV Shows, Ons CDR, case plus track list.

* Live at The Warehouse 5-3-76 - Two CDRs plus cases/track lists.

* Roadmaps for the Soul - Two CDRs, cases and track lists.

* Blood and Thunder 5-18-76 Oklahoma City, One CDR, SBD, case plus track list.

* The Gaslight Tapes - One CDR, case and track list.

* Night of The Hurricane - Two CDRs, SBD, 12-18-75, MSG, cases and track lists.

* Folk Rogue 1964-65 - One CDR, case, track list.