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DVD: Chicago ( 2 ) II / DVD-AUDIO 5.1 Surround / featuring - 25 or 6 to 4 / AR-STEREO

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36.00 USD
36.00 USD
30 Mar 2019
30 Mar 2019
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United States
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Chicago ( 2 ) II / DVD-AUDIO 5.1 Surround / featuring - 25 or 6 to 4 / AR-STEREO

Media: DVD-AUDIO 5.1 Surround / AR-Stereo

Artist: Chicago

Album: Chicago (2) II

Additional Notes: Descent booklet, classic track - 25 or 6 to 4 is captivating in this mix.

Hello, please do read on...

I’m listing a solid selection of SACD / DVD-AUDIO / DTS Disc this weekend, over 100 titles featuring some of the best classic rock albums available in this high-end format. These disc are all from my personal collection and speaking condition wise they’re very close to pristine. All have been kept in perfect playing order with any “hype” stickers and related inserts included. All the disc (play & label sides) are virtually near perfect with the cases and booklets in the same condition as when the original shrink wraps were removed. They’ve all been handled with caution since first being obtained keeping them in an error free state that is imperative for proper playback.

If you’re into these unique and official 5.1 surround mixes checkout my listings to see all the classic titles that are being offered. Great sounding mixes that are no longer in production and all perfectly preserved.

As always combined shipping is offered. If you decide to add more than one to your collection pay $3 shipping and any additional selection will ship together for no additional charge regardless of how many you purchase within a reasonable time. If you don’t want to wait for a combined invoice I will just refund any extra shipping charges you paid if you use “but it now” for multiple listings. All will ship in a manner that keeps the disc from moving around in transit with the case being packed to prevent any chance of being crushed. I pack items as I like to receive them. Feel free to message me through eBay with any questions or concerns and I’ll get back to you fairly quickly.

Having a system properly set up to maximize the 5.1 playback is something I wish all music lovers could experience. It really is something to hear a classic album, you know backwards and forwards, in 5.1 for the first time. Astounding is a good way to describe some of these “lost” and under appreciated mixes. A lot of time and thought (and cost) went into them and with little exception they sound like it.

***Please note***

Due to the amount of time it takes to list this collection, I will be using the same description for all. If there is anything that needs to be added for any reason it will be stated above in “additional notes”. I’ll try to add a good number of pictures and please do keep in mind that any reflections in these photos can be misinterpreted as flaws in the disc due to their high reflective surface. They’re all in fantastic condition.