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Vinyl: The Smiths - Complete Super Deluxe - Collector's Edition Vinyl - RARE

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700.00 GBP
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700.00 GBP
21 Jul 2017
02 Jul 2017
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United Kingdom
Brand New
The Smiths
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This is a brand new, boxed and never opened copy of the 4000 only, Complete Smiths deluxe box set from 2011. I bought 2 copies and the pictures show both the one I did open and the second, sealed Amazon packaging for the sale item.

The item can be picked up in person in Tyneside or West Yorkshire as the buyer prefers.

"It will feature all eight albums remastered from original tapes by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright. These include the compilations, so the albums are The Smiths, Hatful of Hollow, Meat is Murder, The Queen is Dead, The World Won’t Listen, Louder Than Bombs, Strangeways Here We Come and Rank.
The albums are presented as Mini-LP CDs (ie vinyl replica) in gatefold card wallets AND 180g heavyweight vinyl (5 singles, 3 doubles)

As if that wasn’t enough you also get all 25 Smiths singles on 7inch vinyl with “specially produced rarities”.

The Smiths – Complete will also include:

• 36inch x 24inch Poster of the album and single cover artwork
• The Complete Picture – a DVD featuring all of the band’s videos
• Eight page 12inch booklet
• Eight x 12inch art prints of each album cover
. Card containing download code