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T-Shirt: THE SMITHS Sheila Take a Bow official t-shirt, bought in late '80s - unopened!

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09 Apr 2017
02 Apr 2017
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United Kingdom
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The Smiths
United Kingdom
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Around the late 1980s Smith tee shirt merchandisers finally got their ducks in a row and brought out some nice quality licensed titles. This one released by official merchandiser Winterland was the best of the lot (gold trim around the lettering no less!) so I bought one and kept one back for posterity. This, my intact, still-sealed example, may be a tiny bit yellowed by the passage of time, and there has been a tear in the plastic packaging at the rear but the size L shirt is still tightly secured to its card backing - bright and bold.. For your closer examination, the pictures I've attached here are not only unretouched and taken in natural light, they're pretty detailed shots that you can zoom into.

Needless to say, not many of these can POSSIBLY still exist in this state so this may well be a one-off opportunity for you to time travel back to HMV Oxford, 1988 to snap one up!