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Vinyl: David Bowie 'ChangesTwoBowie' (Vinyl, 1981, RCA Records)

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26 Feb 2017
31 Jan 2017
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David Bowie
Myrrh Records
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David Bowie 'ChangesTwoBowie' (Vinyl, 1981, RCA Records)

Original vinyl record from 1981 in used but excellent condition.

About the record:

ChangesTwoBowie , released in 1981, is a David Bowie compilation album issued by RCA Records. Its title and packaging followed the format of RCA's first Bowie compilation, ChangesOneBowie in 1976. As well as post-1976 singles, the album collected songs from earlier in Bowie's career that had not appeared on ChangesOne.

About the seller:

I collect vinyl records as a hobby and unfortunately have to downsize my music library to move house. All records have been well loved and taken care of.