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17.95 GBP
09 Oct 2016
03 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
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David Bowie
Memory Stick
Vicarage Records
Pop Rock
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LISTING of music on this item includes the all of the following :-

ALL STUDIO ALBUMS IN ORDER or release. incl. Black Star 2015 + Tin Machine I and II

David Bowie 1967, Space Oddity 1969, The Man WST Earth 1970, Hunky Dory 1971, The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust 1972, Aladdin Sane 1973, Pin Ups 1973, Diamond Dogs 1974, Young Americans 1975, Station to Station 1976, Heroes 1977, Low 1977, Lodger 1979, Scary Monsters 1980, Christine F 1981, Let's Dance 1983, Tonight 1984, Labyrinthe 1986, Never Let me Down 1987, Tin Machine 1989, Tin Machine II 1991, Black Tie White Noise 1993, The Buddha of Suburbia, Outside 1995, Earthling 1997, Hours 1999, Heathen 2002, Reality 2003, The Next day 2013, Black Star 2015.

ALSO others on here are the following...

....incl. 1967 demo and Peter and The Wolf. Live Radio , Early on 1964-1968, Vampies of Human Flesh, Somebody Up There Like Me, Mr Lawrence Movie Soundtrack. and more..


Albums are from 1974's love at The Tower Philadelphia , Stage 1978, Ziggy Stardust - The Motion Picture 1983, Serious Monnlight Concert 1984, Tin Machine Live Oy, Vey Baby 1992, A Reality Tour , Arcade Fire Fashion Rocks 2005, BBC London 2000, Bowie at the Beeb 1968-1972 1., Bowie at The Beeb 1968-1972 2. Unreleased versions, Va Va Va Boom Live Bootleg.

Quite hard to get these.


Changes Bowie 1976, The Singles Collection 1993, Dream Anthology 1966-1968 2004.
MP3 Digital DOWNLOAD on Limited Edition.
NEW for Summer 2016. Set includes MP3 USB Unit and one Mini Poster of Bowie as Aladdin Sane. The other items are missing of posters and this is from the cheaper version. This is the basic version not the Deluxe version with the photograph album of Bowie's House and Recording Studios. there are two versions apparently. You get the MP3 unit with the digital content and the mini ( ABOVE ) ONLY. Released June 2016. The Deluxe box set with book and photographs is a lot more and not even released yet in most places. Selling is listed as nearly new as it is nearly new without any box or tags as it is nearly new. The data is still in perfect conditon and uncorrupted. I want to be perfectly clear this is just the Mp3 and poster ONLY. No box, no lyrics sheet or photographs any extra memorabilia. You are paying for the data stick and a poster. It is quite a collection and about 8 GB worth of data. I believe Apple did something similiar at a huge price for The Beatles in some collectors Apple shaped USB stick. Same principle I guess. Other than this is not a funky Apple USB that itself will be worth money one day even when broken like all things else Beatle. It is a prety standard black mini unmarked USB. All data is fine. Just checked it before packaged up ready to post to the lucky buyer. Post out within one working day. No idea of origin or packaging. Came with lot of other vinyl and stuff at record fair and told it was "East European" and coming to shops in UK soon. No idea of price or value. Great for any David Bowie Fan as has all his albums on it plus some very hard to come by material apparently. No idea of value. But it has to be worth it for the digital data. But if it is worth more than I think I will put the price up. Relisted. Down from £20. ...I want to be very clear this item has no box, most of the other photographs are missing and it is the non delux set but all the data is intact and working fine. I highly suggest however you transfer it to a hard drive immediately and back it up as been in a bag with other stuff. Worth it for the data. I expected a quick sale on this.

Nearly 5 GB in total of music. That is a lot of music! Yoiu can play that for days back to back all David Bowie.


If noone buys it this time I am relisting it for more and not expecitng a quick sale.....I only bought one.though chap had more.... no way am I going any lower for this on one item. List few days.... it will GO UP.. not down the price. I was told to put it for at least £30 and that is second hand packaging was just cardboard and a poster.... This is the music.

Every song of all 23 studios albums just for starters.........

Much sort after. A lifetime of joy and working out his songs and lyrics of one of the all time classic rock pop icons and true geniuses and artists of the 2oth and 21st Century who really did inspire everyone from Roxy Music to Duran Duran to everybody quite frankly with good reason with three main phases of art. he knew that he has lessons in Ausria in 1976 as he felt he had gone as far as he could with rock n roll and America..... the story just continues through the albums and his lyrics for a priviliged few to know... a lifetime of wondering and great music.......

23 studio albums alone to get through is a really amazing journey...with David Bowie.