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Reel-to-reel: Sony PR 150 Tape Led Zeppelin III /IV 71/2 IPS reel to reel

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39.00 USD
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15 Sep 2020
11 Sep 2020
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United States
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Led Zeppelin
Dance & Electronica
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Sony PR 150 Tape Led Zeppelin III /IV 71/2 IPS reel to reel

4 Track 71/2 IPS Tape, album was recorded on Mcintosh MA 6300 integrated amp and Teac x1000rtape deck. High quality recording.

This product was written for collectors and was never sold retail. But it is better in quality and price than the non-existent original!
This reel are being sold as vintage magnetic tape, the material on them is a bonus
Other than that, the sound is excellent.
This coil is sold as a vintage magnetic tape, the cover on it is just to determine what information is contained Ask questions now. Please do not buy if you do not agree.