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Reel-to-reel: 2-Track Debussy Prelude to afternoon of a faun / Ravel - Bolero Reel Tape 15 ips

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122.50 USD
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01 Aug 2020
25 Jul 2020
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United States
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Back in December 2019 I had sold several tapes of the same origin - a nice estate sale in San Francisco where the entire house was filled with collectable treasures of a different kinds. As I said back then, the owner could not even live in that house because there was no room for beds, the kitchen was full of collectable items and it was even hard to walk in the house. Everything was overloaded with stuff. The guy was a big time collector - Ken Kogawa (not sure about the exact spelling of his last name). He lived on 480 Andover street, SF.

Anyway, I've already sold almost all rock music tapes and some jazz vocalists. I've mostly classical music tapes left (and many GD tapes that would be listed some time in December)

Please note I could only test the tape on my a 4 track consumer machine and it sounded perfectly just with unbalanced channels because 2 track recordings meant to be played on 2 track machines. But even with unbalanced channels it sounded pretty good.

Origin of the recording is unknown but it's not vinyl because I didn't notice any clicks or ticks that you would always hear on vinyl.
I'm sorry I can't test the tape in a 2-track machine but again I could tell just from playing on my 4 track deck the sound was very good and the recording matched the description on the box. Also, I have not received any complaints from previously sold tapes. Only good feedback.

Might be a radio station copy? Or a backup copy? Or some kind of private collection? Hard to tell....
All boxes show normal wear, they are not NM, nor EX. They are mostly VG or VG+.

Please refer to photos for more details.
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